Successful Medical Management of Appendicitis prevented surgery | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Nikhil Solanki, a young boy who was suffering from stomach-ache and vomiting was rushed to the Kailash Hospital, Greater Noida. When examined, the patient was found having appendix problem. Since at the hospital patient was given constant medication yet when consulted with Dr. Pradeep, Pediatrician at the Kailash Hospital Greater Noida the patient was advised for Appendix surgery. Young Nikhil’s father requested Doctor to manage his son’s problem through medications only. Dr. Pradeep assured of treating it through medicines abd started the treatment. Finally patient’s condition was well managed & with proper care he recovered very well in no time. On his discharge his father was really happy & thanked the Doctor & appreciated the entire medical staff.

A stomach pain may be Appendicitis while all of them do not require surgical treatment. Consult our Doctors:

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