Successful Hip Replacement for Osteoarthritis rendered Smile on patient’s face I Kailash Hospital

Patient Sanjay Singh had been suffering from severe hip pain for the last two years. For the treatment, Mr. Sanjay approached a Delhi-based hospital but was discouraged about its lengthy procedure & recovery. Thereafter, his son came to know about advanced Orthopaedic treatment options available at Kailash Hospital Sector- 27 Noida so the patient was consulted to Dr. V.K Goyal, Sr. Consultant Orthopedician at Kailash Hospital Noida where he was closely monitored and assessed. At the hospital, X-ray was performed and it was found that the patient was having severe Osteoarthritis in his hips, probably secondary to Avascular Necrosis of hips (AVR). He was also having protrusio on the right hip that usually requires a hip replacement. Thereafter, Sr Orthopedician Dr. V. K Goyal & his team performed the patient’s cement less Hip Replacement Surgery post which the patient was really satisfied with. Gradually, within a month the patient started walking with support on his own. The patient has expressed his willingness for the replacement of left hip after a couple of months at Kailash Hospital. Joint Replacements are no more a challenge for any age, they are a safe & effective way of getting back on move painlessly!

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