Restorative Orthopaedic Surgery helped critically injured Patient regain mobility | Kailash Hospital

Kamal Maurya, a U.P Police aspirant who got his leg injured during high-jump at the time of a physical test. Initially he tried massage, physio & many treatment options at home but the inflammation & pain kept on increasing. With no relief, he immediately reached out to Kailash Hospital, Sector-71 Noida with acute swelling, pain and gradual weakness in his right leg. After consultation with Dr. Kamal Rajpoot, Sr. Sports Injury & Joint Replacement Surgeon, the patient said that while practicing the high-jump, his right knee bent in an erratic way and caused pain and swelling in his entire leg. Patient’s MRI reports showed that his leg’s ligament and tissues have torn. Looking at his leg’s condition, patient was recommended for an immediate surgery. Upon getting consent, his orthopaedic surgery was performed. After an hour long painless surgery, his injured leg ligaments were treated & his pain inflammation was relieved too. Post surgery patient started gaining mobility, through walker & then swiftly without any support. He expresses his gratitude towards the treating doctors and thanks the entire staff of Kailash Hospital.

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