Rare Surgery in Noida: First Cochlear Implant done at Kailash Hospital, Sector 71, Noida

Child Patient Dhairya Kumar had been suffering from hearing loss since childhood. Coming across some promotional banners, Dhairya’s father Mr. Sandeep Kumar came to know about advanced ENT treatments available at Kailash Hospital Sec- 71 Noida and he visited right away with his child to our ENT Surgeon Dr. Om Prakash. Doctor evaluated the patient’s hearing condition and advised some investigations. The patient was immediately admitted and his hearing problem was treated through rare Cochlear Implant surgery. This surgery is Rare in Noida and first- time ever done in Kailash Hospital. Post-treatment patient Dhairya is absolutely fine and this regained his parent’s strong belief for his positive change in his hearing pattern. Child is very excited to go home. His father was really happy to see his child’s prolonged hearing problem treated and appreciated the caring approach of the medical team to manage child patients patiently. As doctor said that in a time of one & half year patient will regain his hearing capacity. Father Mr. Sandeep really hopes that next time when Dhairya visits hospitals, he will be able to hear from his ears. He also recommends the hospital’s unique approach in advanced medical treatments & extending compassionate healthcare services and believes to choose the hospital for any health problems.

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