Rare IR Angiographic Procedure: Lifesaving Management of Angiomyolipoma | Kailash Hospital Noida

Patient Chander Prabha Bangia had been suffering from severe pain in the right kidney & excessive bleeding for a long time. On medical investigations, it was found out that she had Angiomyolipoma and earlier had been advised for Nephrectomy at many consulting hospitals while she refused fearing surgery. She got herself discharged from that hospital after conservative treatment. After three months one day patient again suffered unbearable pain & bleeding and was rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida emergency. As she said she had always been trusting on Doctors of Kailash Hospital. She was admitted under the supervision of our Urologist Dr. Paresh Jain & tested for close analysis, after which it was found out that her hemoglobin had dropped critically & the unbearable pain was due to the Angiomyolipoma (tumor) in her right kidney. Patient had lost all hope to save her kidney, when Dr. Paresh consulted with expert Interventional Radiologist Dr. Amit Kumar for a safe endovascular procedure to save her right kidney. Dr. Amit assured the patient to perform safest interventional treatment and performed Angiography & advanced minimally invasive endovascular procedure to successfully treat her kidney tumor. Post embolization of the tumor feeding vein patient was stable, with no pain & bleeding. Her happiness was doubled as her Angiomyolipoma was also treated and her right kidney was saved too! She thanked the Doctors for saving her kidneys & giving her a new pain-free life ahead. The patient expressed her satisfaction with the overall experience and appreciates the proactive medical team and highly efficient Doctors with unmatched expertise to manage all types of medical emergencies responsibly.

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