Unmatched Medical Expertise of Doctor saved a Critical Life | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

Patient Farha Naz, a resident of Saharanpur had been very sick with Acute Liver Failure. Her father consulted many doctors for her treatment but the condition was worsening day by day. On recommendation from a friend he sent her reports to Dr. Akhilesh Pandey, Cardiothoracic Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Dehradun who referred the patient’s condition to Gastroenterologist Dr. Abhijit Bhavsar. During all this, the patient suffered critical Jaundice and fainted down. The patient was immediately driven down to Dehradun in an unconscious state & consulted to Dr. Abhijeet. The patient was immediately admitted in the ICU and her treatment fr Acute Liver Failure was started. After 3 days of unconsciousness in the ICU, with proper care & medication, patient started recovering and her condition improved. The patient was in her senses after treatment and her father was extremely happy to see his daughter’s life saved. Her father thanked the Doctor & medical staff involved all through his daughter’s treatment. He also appreciated the hospitality, hygiene and patient-friendly behaviour they experienced during the stay.

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