5 Muscle Building Mistakes – Kailash Health Village Gym

5 muscle-building mistakes – Kailash Health Village Gym


5 Muscle Building Mistakes – Kailash Health Village Gym

Before starting any workout or Gym, we spend plenty of time reading & exploring about ways, types & benefits of Gym workout. We find many articles on fitness & gyming health, written by personal coaches & fitness trainers of fitness industries just in case to have a smooth error less fitness journey. But how does that assure you of making no errors during your bodybuilding?  But Kailash Health Village Gym has nailed down the real process of muscle-building.

You are giving your best to your strength training & hypertrophy to increase your muscles through resistance exercises but just getting prompted muscle growth? Our Gym Trainers take care that you don’t make those 5 muscle-building mistakes!

There are some general mistakes that we make during our body building routine which is delaying the dream fitness we aim for.  Time frame for hypertrophy is slow, taking months to build muscles & body. The best advice from Kailash Health Village Gym is to stay consistent and avoid these following 5 muscle-building mistakes!

#Mistake 1

Training without a Coach

No coach or trainer to guide you through your exercises? You are a sole struggler at the gym pushing hard to build strong muscular body? That’s where you are off route. We believe that without a coach/trainer, you are simply wasting your time & energy towards hard workout exercises with no results. This self restraint will take you nowhere. Trial & error method is worse in fitness stories. We have the most experienced Gym trainers. Working out under fitness trainers of Kailash Health Village Gym, will not only keep you guided towards right fitness direction but also help you avoid errors.

#Mistake 2

Under eating

The thought of bodybuilding brings a fear from foods. This is the stupidest thing to eat less or have unbalanced diet to avoid putting more weight. It has been seen with many trainers & gym strugglers that in spite of giving the best to their workout & strength training, results are zero. You know why? Just due to lack of balanced diet. Until the body gets the strength to resist the pain & muscular stress from foods that you eat, then only your body can give the equivalent resistance to the exercises. Body needs multiple nutritious and healthy meals for building muscles. You get best dietary advices at Kailahs Health Village Gym.

#Mistake 3

Skipping basic exercises

Most trainers out of enthusiasm jump to machines that are hard on muscle training to get quick results. But is it reasonable? We are against giving sudden stress on muscles as it can worsen the condition or lead to injuries. Our Gym trainers guide you to warm up the muscles first by doing few lighter exercises like bench presses & squats that’ll help in creating enough muscle stress to get it ready for harder exercises.

#Mistake 4

Not taking Diet that stimulates hormonal growth

Growth Hormone is the most significant hormone in the process of muscle-building. We often take diets which are junk & fatty. They just can do harm rather than some good to your bodybuilding hormones. Intake of healthy fiber rich diet with plenty of fruits & vegetables stimulate the body’s growth hormones & boost the muscle strength & flexibility. To get effective results in body building, increase the intake of balanced diet for hormonal growth which is vital.

#Mistake 5

Taking no breaks

It is said that anything in excess harms. Overtraining can only give you injuries rather than body muscles. Getting a muscular body or strength is not an overnight miracle; it takes time, patience & hard work. Rigorous muscle stress won’t help you, so give some time & patience to your body to give results. You know your body the best so plan your workout & take short rests after exercises to help the strenuous muscles relax & adjust to the change. Design the frequency, intensity & duration of your training according to your body. Remember your body needs some time-off to let muscles recover.

Now as you know all the 5 muscle-building mistakes that we make while bodybuilding, we will help you to make a wise decision in your muscle-building process. Overcoming these mistakes initially will give you better results. There will be certain times when your body will show slower growth, while sometimes a faster show, but remember, it is completely a normal phenomenon. Give your body the time & patience that it needs to recover & grow. Kailash Health Village Gym believes that until you love your body & stay motivated to your fitness goals, during muscle building, you might not get awesome bodybuilding results. Stay focused & consistent.


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