Your Diabetes Needs a Naturopathy Treatment

Your Diabetes Needs a Naturopathy Treatment

Your Diabetes Needs a Naturopathy Treatment

Diabetes has covered most part of Indian homes & has become the only reason to rush for medicines which fills out the box with all allopathic medicines and added effects. Diabetes is basically a metabolic disorder in the digestive system and affects the function of liver. The only factor to be blamed is our increasingly sedentary lifestyle, bad food habits and lifestyle choices like smoking & drinking.

Naturopathy believes that Diabetes can affect a person due to various factors like pathological, hereditary factors, congenital problems, uncared lifestyle and accumulated body toxins.

But the good fact is that India has a natural method to treat this condition. Naturopathy is not only curative but preventive too. Some therapies in naturopathy have proved to control Diabetes effectively through diet & lifestyle management. Naturopathy therapies reduce increased level of blood glucose & keep it controlled, to ensure overall wellbeing of the patient naturally. You read it right, it is Naturopathy treatment which not only can control Diabetes but also keeps it healthy always.

There are many Naturopathy Therapies to cure Diabetes completely. Some are:

  • Fasting & Diet Therapy

Fasting therapy is an effective Naturopathy cleansing treatment through which the waste & toxins accumulated in the body due to overeating are washed off the system through the excretory organs such as bowels, skin & kidney. Diet therapy involves taking an alkaline diet rich in complex carbohydrate & fiber, less fatty as their absorption is slow to regulate blood sugar level. Some natural juices are also advised to improve disorder.

  • Hydro Therapy

This therapy uses water to detoxify & treat the body through combination of baths, packs & warm water enema. It helps improve metabolism, control blood sugar level and absorption of glucose while enema helps cleanse toxins from colon.

  • Mud therapy

Mud therapy helps eliminate toxins & imbalances in the digestive and endocrine systems (under-active in diabetes.

  • Yoga

Yoga improves functions of the liver, pancreas and digestive system which are beneficial in treating diabetes.

Other than these Naturopathy therapies, the Diabetics are advised to make many lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, stress management, eating fewer carbohydrates & more fruits. The type of Naturopathy treatment of Diabetes depends on the duration of disorder, its level, person’s immunity & health condition. The effect of positive healing of Naturopathy can be experienced in a week with no side effects.

After or during the treatment, the diabetics should follow the therapists’ advice on maintaining healthy weight, eating balanced diet, exercising regularly & keeping a check on sugar levels. Maintaining a health schedule is important. Leading a Diabetes-free life is no more a fantasy, with Naturopathy healing therapies.

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