Timely treatment of Chronic Subdural Hematoma saved Vansh’s life | Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida

Young patient Vansh Gurang, really passionate about playing Football, suddenly started to have headaches & vomiting one day. He was consulted to a nearby Doctor who advised him some pain relief medications which could not help him. His father rushed him too Kailash Hospital Emergency & consulted Sr. Neurosurgeon Dr. Varun Bhargava who advised MRI & CT Scan that revealed that the young patient had Chronic Subdural Hematoma and that could be critical to his life. Patient was immediately admitted & was treated through Craniotomy successfully. Post Surgery, he was stable feeling painless & next day he was very curious to know that will he be able to play football normally again & how soon, on which Dr. Varun replied smiling that certainly after few months of rest, & recovery he can get back to his passion with the same energy & zeal. Vansh’s father is really happy with treatment & appreciates the efficiency of the Doctors & patient care experienced at the hospital.

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