Successful treatment of Brain Tumor & Nocardiosis | Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida

Patient Kaliya had a tumor in his brain for which he had got treatment at Delhi, but one day he had seizures & was immediately rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida in a very critical condition. He was consulted by Dr. Varun Bhargava, Sr. Neurosurgeon who advised to do a CT Scan. The patient’s reports revealed that the previous tumor in his brain was still there but the treatment initiated by the doctor was for TB. Dr. Varun performed neurosurgery to remove his tumor finally and found out that the patient was suffering from a disease called nocardiosis due to his weakened immune system. His treatment for the disease was started. Earlier he was unable to even move by himself due to his problem but now after his treatment at Kailash Hospital, he is able to move & perform his daily work effectively. Patient’s daughter expresses her thanks to the Doctor for saving her father’s life & appreciates the hospital services.

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