Successful Treatment of Arthritis through Total Knee Replacement | Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida

76 yrs old Mrs. Jaya Pandey, had been suffering with Arthritis in both her knees. She could barely even walk by herself at home for basic necessities. Her daughter Tripti Shukla brought her to Kailash Hospital Sector- 27 Noida and consulted her to Sr. Orthopaedic & Joint Replacement Surgeon. Dr. Sushil Sharma for treatment. As the pandemic was still on, the family was really tensed about any risk of infection but seeing the Doctors & Hospital taking all forms of safety in treating patients, they were satisfied. The patient was then successfully treated through Bilateral Total Knee Replacement by Dr. Sushil. Post TKR patient started recovering & walking from next day of surgery. Now few weeks later, she is absolutely comfortable in long walks as well as climbing stairs. The patient and her family is extremely happy and thankful to the medical team for providing such patient-friendly care.

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