Successful Orthopaedic Surgery of Back Bone fracture after slip | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Sudha Jhunjhunwala slipped down in the bathroom due to which her backbone got badly fractured. Her family immediately called the Ambulance & rushed her to the Emergency. Patient was consulted by Dr. A. P Singh Orthopaedic Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Greater Noida who closely analysed her condition & performed the surgery successfully. The post-surgery patient was stable & as her son says that earlier she was completely bedridden, zero movement but now she is able to turn & move by herself after surgery all due to proper care & treatment by the Medical team. He is extremely happy to see his mother recover soon after the surgery and appreciates the healthcare services, hygiene & patient care. For all types of Orthopaedic trauma & injury, consult our Orthopaedic Doctors. Book an Appointment:

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