Successful Management of Giant Brain Tumour (Cricket ball size) through 6 hours long Neurosurgery

Patient Mrs. Uma Sharma presented with mild headache, weakness in the right arm and speech disturbances. Patient later underwent series of Brain scans and diagnosed with giant brain tumour. Entire family tried reaching out to the best neurosurgeons nationally & internationally, while after a special recommendation, he rushed his wife to Kailash Hospital, Sector, 71, Noida and consulted Senior Neurosurgeon Dr. Shrikant Sharma who has historical records in managing all types of Brain tumours very efficiently. The patient went through Six hours long Complex Neurosurgery. Post-surgery recovery was miraculous and patient is now back to her normal health & smile looking at which her family is really happy and expresses their thanks to Dr. Shrikant & all the assisting team for putting their dedicated efforts to save her wife from the critical condition.

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