Lifesaving treatment of unconscious patient due to severe diffuse axonal injury | Kailash Hospital

Patient Nakul Sharma met with a devastating accident in which he lost his family members. He was rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida in a very critical condition in an unconscious state. On investigation through MRI & close diagnosis by our Sr. Neurosurgeon Dr. Varun Bhargava, patient was found with multiple injuries in the brain. Dr. Varun stated that in this state of diffuse axonal injury a neurosurgery could not be done while a medicative treatment was the only solution. Patient was kept in the ICU & he was unconscious for many days. People with such condition generally take a year to recover fully. While with proper care & Doctor’s continuous efforts patient started to recover within just 3 months. It was not just good news for the patient, but even the Doctors were glad to see him back in senses and get back to his livelihood for rest of his family. Post discharge too Patient was constantly in touch with the doctors and on medication. Patient’s relative expressed his thanks towards all the Doctors & assisting medical specialists for saving his life. He stated that reaching-out to the Kailash Hospital is like entering a shrine.

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