Successful Corneal Tear Surgery for Severe Irido- Lenticular Damage | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Patient Vasu Nagar, got a small piece of wood in her eyes which caused her intense pain and some vision problems. Due to this there was a built up of cataract like- pus which was worsening. She visited Kailash Hospital Dehradun & consulted Ophthalmologist Dr Abdul Qadir who closely looked into the issue & found out that there was a corneal tear with Severe Irido- lenticular damage inside the eyes. He immediately advised the patient to undergo surgery & remove the pus formation with replacing her lens. Post surgery patient realized a positive change in her vision and there was no more pain. Her eyes recovered in time and she thanked the Doctor for the emergency surgery. She appreciated the efficiency of the medical team & patient friendly environment that help feel patients homely.

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