Plastic Surgery: An Overview & Importance | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

National Plastic Surgery Day on July 15 will be now celebrated across the globe as the World Plastic Surgery Day, according to the Association of Plastic Surgeons in India (APSI).Dr. Harish Ghildiyal, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Dehradun talks about the importance of Plastic Surgery in global health & an overview of benefits that the speciality possess for people looking for cosmetic or reconstructive corrections. He explains that Plastic and reconstructive surgical care has increasingly been shown to be cost effective and to have an immense impact on the economy of a region. Simple, timely and inexpensive plastic surgical intervention from wound debridement, fracture fixation to soft tissue protection and closure, allow effective healing and reduce complications such as osteomyelitis and non-union, and avert permanent disability.

Kailash Hospital has immensely experienced Plastic Surgeons transforming lives of people.
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