Safe Pregnancy in the time of Pandemic | Expert advices by Dr. Neelam Benara Obst & Gynaecologist

As the pandemic outbreak is keeping people indoors safely during the lockdown, women with upcoming good news are anxious about the risk of infection affecting their pregnancy in anyway. Gynaecologists are overflooded with queries from women patients about the possibilibity of pandemic affecting pregnant women or their unborn baby. Explaining the facts, Dr. Neelam Benara, Obst & Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Sec 71 Noida states that there has been no case & evidence on transmission of the virus from mother to the unborn child as there is no physical contact, unless post delivery cases where the newborn babies may come in contact with the infection. She advices to have healthy nutritious diet & fruits to keep immunity boosted during pregnancy & only get the essential ultrasouns & consultations done claiming that the virus infection is a droplet transmission. Taking some vital evidences she tells that only in absence of proper safety & hygiene measures, can a pregnant women contract the infection but there cannot be a vertical transmission through breastfeeding or amniotic fluid in the womb (Still the studies are going on in different countries to find any vertical transmission in womb). She leaves a note for all pregnant women to stay stress free, healthy & protected for a safe delivery.

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