Renal Health Tips to Manage Diabetic Kidney Disease | Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida

Unhealthy food habits & a sedentary lifestyle can lead to kidney diseases & related complications like Diabetic Nephropathy, Chronic Kidney Disease & later leading to End-Stage Renal Disease. Diabetic Kidney Disease is a result of uncontrolled Diabetes, Blood pressure, Obesity & unhealthy lifestyle etc. Dr. S.K Behura, Sr. Nephrologist at Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida advice some very important health tips to keep Kidneys healthy. He tells that even for ESRD or CKD patients, kidney condition can be managed well with healthy dietary changes, proper Dialysis care & healthy lifestyle changes.

For the most useful tips & expert advice on Kidney related problems, consult our best Nephrologists at Kailash Hospital Sec-27 Noida.

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