Diabetic Nephropathy, Causes & Risk Factors | Nephrologist Dr. S. K Behura Kailash Hospital Noida

Diabetic Nephropathy is a chronic kidney disease that develops due to diabetes mellitus. Dr. S.K Behura, Sr. Nephrologist at Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida elaborates on exclusive information about Diabetic Nephropathy, its causes & risk factors. He tells that it is often characterized by a slow & progressive loss of renal function, with loss of glomerular filtration eventually leading to End-stage Kidney disease requiring dialysis or renal replacement therapy. He also tells that risk factors like Type 1 or 2 Diabetes, High BP, elevated blood sugar or family history can cause Kidney disease. Some kidney diseases are treatable while some are irreversible so early diagnosis can save your kidney’s life. Adding to this he shares a detailed list of advices for Kidney care to patients.

To know more about Kidney diseases & its treatment, consult our best Nephrologists at Kailash Hospital Sec-27 Noida.

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