Life saving treatment of Critical Dengue Complications in a patient | Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida

Young patient Prince Chouhan was rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida with Dengue complications after being refused admission from other hospitals. When he was brought to the emergency, his condition was really critical with his reports showing very low platelets & kidney liver being affected badly. The child was immediately admitted in the ICU under the supervision of Sr. Physician Dr. R. K Gattani. He assessed the patient’s condition & started the treatment. Looking at his deteriorating condition the child was also put on a ventilator for 2 weeks. With proper care & timely treatment, Prince started recovering well & his parents were glad to see him healthy. They thanked the Doctors for saving their son’s life and appreciated the patient-friendly healthcare services.

For any sign of Dengue complications, call our 24X7 Ambulance: 9990444444/ 0120- 2444444
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