Importance of Preventive Health Check-ups | Dr. Gagan Grover Head of Preventive Health Checkup

Preventive Health Check-ups are an important part of our day-to-day life & helps prevent & manage health conditions. Unhealthy Lifestyle, food habits & inactivity brings diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid etc that make us vulnerable to other diseases too. Dr. Gagan Grover, Head of Preventive Health Check- ups at Kailash Hospital, Sec 27 Noida explains that early detection of health problems can help manage & treat the disease properly in time. She tells that timely health checkups are the best ways to stay healthy & save lives as early prevention & cure prevents minimizes complications. When health checkups diagnose chronic diseases, timely medical intervention & lifestyle modification helps increase lifespan & keep us disease free. Kailash Hospital has comprehensive Health Checkup Packages for families performed in a safe sanitized environment.

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