First aid & CPR to help a Conscious Choking Child

First-aid & CPR to help a Conscious Choking Child

Conscious Child Choking

Toddlers or Children find it difficult to concentrate on what they are eating while watching television or playing. Often they take small toys in their mouth and get choked badly. Generally choking happens when a foreign object becomes trapped at the back of the throat, either blocking the airway of causing a muscle spasm.

Although choking just seems slight less dangerous, but it can be of deep concern if not cared for or neglected, as it block the breathing process which can be dangerous in children.


How do you know your child is choking?

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Trouble breathing
  • Congested face turning red & grey blue
  • Coughing with both hands clutching throat
  • If choking persists, initiate emergency measures


Some emergency actions that can help your child:

  • Back blows – Bend the child forward by the waist and give five back blows between the shoulder blades with the help of the heel of one hand.


  • Abdominal Thrust – Standing behind the choked child, place your fist with thumb side against the centre of the abdomen, just above the navel. Cover your fist with your other hand and give five upward abdominal thrusts.


In case if these don’t help in getting the air block to relieve, there are some other procedures by which the choking child can be helped immediately (by trained individuals)


First-aid & CPR to help a Conscious Choking Child


  • Begin Chest compressions – Place one hand on the chest bone and push straight down on the chest at least 2 inches. Allow chest to completely recoil before next compressions. Give compressions at the rate of 100 pushes per minute 30 times.


  • Open the airway for fresh breathing – After 30 compressions, open the child’s airway with head tilted, chin lifted. Pinch the child’s nose and seal the mouth with yours.(Use CPR mask if possible)


  • Begin rescue breaths – Blow a breath in the child’s air way just enough to make the chest rise. Repeat this twice. If the chest doesn’t rise in the first breath reposition the child’s head and repeat.


  • Repeat chest compression’s & call emergency – Do 30 more compression’s, and after 5 sets of push call the emergency for medical help. Till they arrive you can keep the rescue breath in process.


Immediate medical emergency is needed if the child has choked due to batteries or dried peas, as batteries have harmful chemicals that can burn the inner throat. Dried peas can swell on absorbing water creating blockage in the air passage of food pipe, causing shortage of breath. The best measures to prevent you child from choking is to keep monitoring the child while they are playing and help them during engulfing food. An emergency help in this case is the priority.
Every child is precious, and when they are young aged between 1-8 years, it needs extra care to be given to lower the risk of Choking due to food or small objects.
For any such emergency call 0120-2444444

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