Effective Weight Loss with NATUROPAHY

Explore Effective Naturopathy Treatments for Weight Loss

Explore Effective Naturopathy Treatments for Weight Loss

There are many ways to reduce weight that may compromise with your health & wellbeing. You must have tried crash dieting or hour long exercising, but the pounds you were dreaming to shed off have actually accumulated at absurd places. But have you ever tried Naturopathy for effective weight loss? When you want to lose weight while maintaining the beauty of your health, try effective weight loss with Naturopathy. Naturopathy is an art of healing while rejuvenating the body, mind & spirit. With naturopathy, the inner healing gets stimulated & it treats the underlying cause of illness with usage of drugs.

Nature has immense power to heal & curb what age & time has built-up. You might have gained weight due to accumulation of calories & lack of exercise. There is a simple logic to weight loss, consumption of less calories & burning of more.

India has a number of naturopathy therapies for weight loss. Have you ever thought about the reason behind gaining that weight? Is your exercise not working? Every treatment differs from individual to individual & cause of the illness. Naturopaths find out the root cause of the disorders & therapists help in effective weight loss with naturopathy.

The causes of weight gain are:

  • Insulin resistance
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Thyroid problems
  • Weak liver
  • Excess amount of stomach acid
  • Insufficient consumption of digestive fats.

Stress & depression

The naturopathy doctors dive deeper into these root causes of weight gain, before starting the treatment therapy. They may not give you faster results but assured lasting effect. Naturopathy therapies have the secret of effective weight loss.

Naturopathy therapies that help lose those extra pounds:

Hydro Therapy Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas aid in weight loss by heating your body’s core temperature to induce sweating, increasing blood flow and heart rate, much like after moderate exercise, helps you lose weight. The heat in the sauna causes sweating & helps your body to lose a considerable amount of fluid. This is what causes weight loss. Saunas also help you lose weight by easing aches & pains after weight training, helping you to continue your weight loss workout.

Circular Jet Bath

Circular jet bath induces blood circulation. Water temperature with pressure helps in relieving body pains and improving peripheral circulation. In this the hot jet spray application is followed by a short cold application of one to four minutes and the cold application of three minutes breaks down the accumulated toxins & fat. It is useful in cases of Obesity.

Mud Therapy

Mud therapy is the oldest ways of losing weight. This therapy helps you eliminate all the fat. A proper mud theray with low fat diet gives assured weight loss. The thermal effect of mud gives a boost to metabolism rate of body which burns fat & thus melts weight. With complete detoxification it increases efficiency of digestion. Complete digestion or efficient metabolism does not let the fat accumulate resulting in effective weight loss with Naturopathy

Colon hydrotherapy

This therapy removes waste from colon thus lowering the abdomen weight. It is best detoxification therapy for body to eliminate bad toxins & fat helpful in effective weight loss. Once people get their digestion, absorption and elimination functions back in order then weight loss becomes easy because metabolism plays a vital role in effective weight loss with Naturopathy. It balances Bowel bacteria as it synthesizes some vitamin B & facilitates the absorption of calcium which helps with weight loss.

Vibro massage

Vibro massage induces vibrations in the body to burn more calories & regulating metabolism rate. The rate at which body burns calories is directly associated with metabolism. Different vibration machines add to shed extra pounds of calories & effective detoxification that is the best sign of effective weight loss. It improves kidney function & overall health.

Diet Therapy

To increase the effectiveness of colon hydrotherapy & improve your likelihood of losing weight, making few simple dietary changes is vital. The most beneficial change you can make is to add high-fibre foods to your diet like Fruit & vegetables, breads & cereals made from whole grains with plenty of water. In addition, these foods tend to be healthier & can easily help you lose weight & keeping it away always


Yoga is an art of uniting the three elements mind, body soul to achieve complete wellness. Almost every Yoga asana addresses detoxification on some level. Detoxification encourages purification of body and mind. This directly affects weight loss as it eradicates bad toxins accumulated in the body that weighs us heavy. Power yoga & Vinyasa flow are what should be focused on for effective weight loss.

Losing weight with Naturopathy is not only safe but also lasting as it only uses natural curative force of our body for natural therapies. Kailash Naturopathy in Greater Noida has certified naturopaths who take care of the patient, their health problems & preventive wellness.

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