Kailash Health Village

As summer is at its best heat, and it’s time for some change in fashion & holiday plans. There is one fashion that doesn’t wear out, i.e Fitness. Healthy body & mind is the best trend to follow in the era of such comfortable lifestyle with wide range of delicacies tempting you to fall for the fat & cholesterol. Most people believe Gyming to be only a weight loss management, body building exercise, but a gym speaks lot more than just a muscle toning or fat burning solution.

Most fitness centers are designed with advanced fitness equipments offering wide range of physical exercises. The fitness industry has experienced tremendous growth in a very short span of time. Fitness centers are effective motivators, as right food and lot of exercise is the key to a good health.Increased awareness about fitness among people regarding healthy life & fit body has lead to the expansion of fitness centers in India.

There are some prominent names in the fitness arena which have been recognized as the best Gyms with ultimate fitness results. Evaluating on all the parameters of satisfaction of fitness seekers and technology advancement, Noida has got the best ultimate fitness destination named Kailash Health Village, nested at sector 62, Noida. This preferred Gym tops in the list of Best Gyms in Noida because of the following facilities:

  • The well-equipped Gym at Kailash Health Village spread over a mammoth 40,000 sq. ft, isthe largest Gym of the Noida,designed in a luxurious ambience with Five-star facilities to give the best fitness experience for fitness seekers.
  • World class leading Cardio vascular zone with treadmills, cross trainers & arc trainers powered by International fitness brands ‘Precor’ (Germany) & ‘Cybex’ (USA).
  • More than 30 different stations for angled muscle toning and strength with biomechanical equipments from ‘Hoist’ Roc IT series (USA).
  • Free weight equipments powered with Alex & Ivonics.
  • Most experienced and certified trainers to advice onscientifically tested computerized fitness regimens, & also offer personalized training.
  • Intermittent sessions of Yoga, Power Yoga, Aerobics, dance Cross training, Kick Boxing etc.
  • Diet consultation.

Over all this, our trainers at Kailash Health Village Gym make strenuous efforts towards keeping you mentally motivated to achieve your desired fitness goals. We define workout for fitness lovers as a therapy, to not only make you fit but also complete physical & mental relaxation, which makes us the preferred choice for quality gyming. The number of health clubs is expanding in India rapidly with the awareness towards a good health and fitness freaks consider Gym at Kailash Health Village as the best Gym in Noida.

“The Gym is not a social club for the fit, it’s a training ground for everyone”

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