Timely Treatment of Severe Lung Infection gives patient a ‘Second Life’ | Kailash Hospital, Noida

Mr. B.K Sinha, Chief Manager in one of the GIPSA companies was infected with COVID virus when came to Kailash Hospital, Noida, Sector-27. The patient’s condition was critical after the virus had breached into his lungs. The virus was in his body for three days and it was continuously spreading. He was facing excruciating pain and acute weakness. His saturation level fell to 65, which is considered quite dangerous. According to Mr. Sinha, he was terrified and almost had given up. At Kailash Hospital, the patient was immediately given advanced treatment for COVID-19. Put in the prone position on BiPAP, he was provided extensive medical support. Timely help from the doctors including Dr. Dinesh, Dr. Joseph, and associated nursing staff helped him to get a speedy recovery. During the entire period, he was continuously monitored by the medical specialists and given the best rehabilitation by ward boy Ramamurthy. His overall experience was wonderful and hospital doctors gave him almost a second life, Mr. Sinha said. After his successful treatment, Mr. Sinha applauded the efforts made by the doctors and the assisting staff. He further praised the expertise of the medical staff and said that they’re wonderful people and little angels for patients as they are providing new lives in difficult times like this.

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