Timely Diagnosis of Black Fungus saved a crucial life | Kailash Hospital, Sector 71, Noida

One night at 2.30 am while patient Deepak Kumar Srivastav was at his home, his BP rose extremely high and he started having nose bleeding. He was immediately rushed to Kailash Hospital Sec 71 Noida’s emergency in the night and was initiated first aid by the medical team. He was then immediately consulted by ENT Surgeon Dr. Om Prakash and Physician Dr. Vinay Labroo. The doctors advised some diagnostic tests for the patient, and it was detected that patient was infected with Black Fungus. Soon after diagnosis, treatment was started. With a long ongoing treatment & proper medical care, patient started recovering very well and was discharged. His daughter Ms. Lilly Srivastav tells the entire story and appreciates the prompt care of the medical team and timely diagnosis that helped save her father’s life. She is thankful to the medical & non- medical staff of the hospital & the services.

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