Successful treatment of Colorectal Cancer | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Patient Priyanka had been suffering with blood in stool & consulting many doctors for her chronic problem, while most of the conclusions related to piles & other problems. After being unsatisfied with the treatment & various advises, her husband brought her to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida and consulted Sr. General Surgeon Dr. A.P.S Bedi. Post analysis Doctors claimed that Patient had Carcinoma Rectum on lower one third side in a critical stage. Patient’s Colorectal Cancer was treated by Dr. A.P.S Bedi through two major surgeries & proceeded with Chemotherapy. After treatment, her colonoscopy & PET CT Abdomen was clear. The patient & her husband are very thankful to Doctor for saving her life out of Colorectal Cancer & appreciates the hospital’s medical services. Kailash Hospital Greater Noida has experienced General & Laparoscopic Surgeons for such treatments. For any problems related to Colorectal Cancer, Consult our General Surgeons.

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