Successful treatment of Brain Tuberculosis in a child patient | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida

Young Patient Chirag had been suffering from fever since one month with an unexplained cause. The parents rushed him to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida when the child stopped talking & became unresponsive. Reaching the emergency with the patient & consulting Paediatrician Dr. Pradeep Kumar, it was found that the Chirag was in a very critical condition and was diagnosed with Brain TB & was presented with risk of paralysis. The child was immediately admitted & ventilated. Dr. Pradeep very keenly continued the treatment and with proper care & timely medications, a good recovery was seen that was a ray of hope for the parents & Doctors too. Soon the child patient was treated completely and was discharged. The parents were overjoyed and thanked the Doctors for saving their son’s life. The appreciated the medical team & healthcare services.

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