Successful Spinal Tuberculosis Surgery by Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee | Kailash Hospital Sec 27 Noida

Patient Ritima Srivastava had been struggling with chronic back pain since a long time with medications just being not very effective to relieve her pain while the problem kept worsening. She visited Kailash Hospital Sec-27 Noida to consult Neurologist Dr. Manish Sinha who analyzed the conditions of the patient and MRI was done which was suggestive of spinal tuberculosis with nerve compression. She developed partial paralysis of right foot along with diminished touch sensation. Soon after Mrs. Ritima was referred to Sr. Neurosurgeon Dr. Debabrata Mukherjee and surgery was suggested. He explained surgery would decompress the compressed nerves to relieve the pain and neural damage and to stabilise and strengthen the damage spine with implants so that she can be mobilised early. Finally Mrs Ritima underwent Surgery. Post-operatively she was relieved of her pain and her paralysis and loss of sensation came back to normalcy. She was made to stand and walk in two days time. She is really happy to feel pain-free & appreciates all the medical staff, Doctor & Dietician for all the care she received during her hospital stay.

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