Successful Management of Critical Hyperglycemic Brain Damage | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

Patient Dinesh Singh Tomar was rushed to Kailash Hospital Dehradun in an unconscious state. His wife Mrs. Sanju Tomar explains that patient was unable to speak or respond when admitted to the hospital looking at which the family was really worried about his treatment. Patient was consulted by Dr. Prem Narayan Vaish, who analyzed that patient collapsed due to hyperglycemic brain damage & needed immediate neuro treatment. Physician Dr. Prem & Neurosurgeon Dr. Ankur Kapoor treated him successfully. Patient stayed in the ICU for a month & restored to his senses after treatment. Now he is stable and have been discharged from the hospital. Patient & his family is really satisfied with the hospitality & care at the hospital & appreciate the dedicated Medical team which helps patients recover better in a comfortable environment.

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