Successful Gall Bladder Surgery done in time saved patient’s life | Kailash Hospital Greater Noida


Patient Bheem Singh was suffering from breathing discomfort & low BP & was rushed to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida in a very critical condition. His son Mr. I.P Singh was really worried about his health & immediately consulted him to Consultant Physician Dr. Pramila R. Baitha who advised him to get some diagnostic tests. The reports of patient revealed presence of gall bladder stone. After this patient’s son was in dilemma where to take his father for surgery as his condition was worsening. On Doctor’s advice, the patient was referred to General Surgeon Dr. Lokendra Kumar for his Gall bladder stone surgery. Finally the patient was treated successfully through Gall bladder stone surgery & was stable. After a few days, a good sign of recovery was seen which his family credited to the Doctors & hospital management that took immediate action for treating the patient. Mr. Singh appreciates the time efficiency & dedication of the doctor & medical team which saved his father’s life.


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