Successful Gall Bladder Stone Removal Surgery | Kailash Hospital Dehradun

A young patient Zara Fatima suddenly suffered intense pain in her abdomen which was later diagnosed to be a stone in the gall bladder. Her father Mr. Mohd Ali & the family were much tensed about Zara’s gall bladder stone. After getting some advice & recommendation from their Doctor, they visited Kailash Hospital Dehradun to consult Gastrosurgeon Dr. Vishal N. Kulshrestha. Doctor advised & counseled the patient for the stone removal surgery. The patient was admitted & successfully treated through Gall Bladder Stone removal surgery by Dr. Vishal & his team. Post Surgery patient experience significant improvement in her health & recovered very well. Very soon she got back to her daily chores without any discomfort. Her father Mr. Mohd Ali shares his experience & is glad to see his daughter recovered. He appreciates the hospital’s medical team, TPA & other support staff who helped them for a hassle- free hospital experience.

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