Strong Will & Efforts of Doctors saved Little Bhavya from critical Dengue | Kailash Hospital, Sec 71

Little baby Bhavya was rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 71 Noida by her parents from Palwal in a very critical condition. They already had admitted the child with high fever & Dengue diagnosis at some other hospital but the baby’s condition was deteriorating so they decided to rush to Noida for saving her life. Baby patient Bhavya was immediately brought to the Emergency department & admitted in the ICU. Her health checks showed critically low haemoglobin and severe liver damage. Bhavya was consulted by Paediatrician Dr. Tushar Agarwal who closely analysed the patient’s condition & found that her liver was almost damaged. The little one was put on ventilator support in the ICU for 4 days. Doctors were also in stress as the baby’s condition was hopeless, yet they tried all their efforts and consoled the parents to stay positive. Finally after being on a ventilator & treatment for so many days, little baby patient started recovering well and this was a ray of hope for her parents & doctors too. Now the baby is absolutely fine & feeding well. Her parents express their gratitude & thanks to the Doctors & assisting medical staff for saving their child’s life out of danger.

Our Doctors proved that “Even in the darkest hopeless nights, a ray of strong Will can bring the brightest Day out”
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