Severe Dental Infection of 92 yr old patient successfully treated | Kailash Hospital Gr Noida

92 yr old patient C.K Devi had been suffering from a severe oral infection due to dental hygiene. She had lowered her diet intake due to the pus formation in the mouth too. The patient was taken to many dentists for treatment but was denied due to her age risk & severity. Finally her grandson brought him to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida and consulted Consultant Dentist Dr. Rachna Yadav who after analysis of the patient’s dental condition and considering the associated risk factors she also involved Dr. R. K Sisodia (HOD- Anaesthesia & Critical Care), Heart & other Health Specialists in the treatment team. The patient was then admitted and successfully treated. Post Surgery patient restored normal consciousness & started to have her regular diet slowly. Her grandson Sumit Gupta is extremely glad to see his maternal grandma have her food and recover from a chronic dental problem. He appreciates the patient care and medical proactiveness of the Doctors to take any medical challenge with confidence. He recommends others to visit Kailash Hospital Greater Noida for all such health complications managed responsibly.

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