Retina Specialist Dr. Urvashi Goja explains preventable causes of Eye problems

Eye Care Awareness Month: Dr. Urvashi Goja, Ophthalmologist & Retina Specialist at Kailash Hospital elaborates important factors of Eye care & preventing blindness on recognizing EyeCare Awareness Month. She explains all the symptoms & preventable causes of Cataract, Glaucoma (irreversible), refractive errors in adults & children that can be treated through glasses, lens, laser surgery etc. if diagnosed earlier through timely visits to the eye specialist. She advises that most of the eye problems & blindness can be prevented through timely treatment & annual eye checkups. Dr. Urvashi also explains Diabetic Retinopathy that is generally ignored by most diabetics but it can also lead to blindness. Eyes are an important part of human body that connects you to the world but it needs the most sophisticated eye care.

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