Preconception Counseling: First Step of Pregnancy Panning | Kailash Hospital Sec- 27 Noida

Becoming Pregnant is a Blessing, while planning a Healthy pregnancy is also a big Responsibility. Preconception Counseling is an important part of family planning & preconception care that includes family planning, Folic intake, achieving a healthy BMI, screening and treatment for infectious diseases, essential immunizations, and reviewing medications for teratogenic effects. Dr. Nandita Gusain Barthwal, Sr. Obst. & Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital- Sec- 27 Noida explains the importance of Preconception Counseling for healthy pregnancy outcomes. She advises that Women looking to become pregnant should take adequate folic acid supplements pre- pregnancy to reduce the risk of neural tube defects. Dr. Nandita guides women to plan before conception & make wise decision for healthy mother & babies.
For preconception Counseling, Consult our Gynecologists.
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