Patient Mangal Singh recovers from Reverse Shoulder Replacement at Kailash Hospital Noida

Happy Patient Reviews : Joint stiffness & muscle fractures make life difficult bringing in negative thoughts about mobility in future. Advanced Joint replacement surgeries have made it easy for patients to restore their mobility. Patient Mangal Singh, was suffering from stiff shoulder joints with reduced movement in the left arm. He consulted one of the Best Orthopedicians Dr. Sushil Sharma, Sr. Ortho & Joint Replacement Surgeon at Kailash Hospital who treated him through Reverse Shoulder Replacement Surgery followed with essential physical therapy. The patient is very satisfied with the treatment & finds it really satisfying to be able to move his arms normally. Patient Mangal Singh expresses his thanks & appreciation towards the Ortho Surgeon & the hospital staff for his successful treatment. Such Joint replacements have made chronic joint stiffness & fracture easier to be treated.

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