Patient Arvind Krishali follows up after Open Heart Surgery at Kailash Hospital | Bypass Surgery

Suffering a Heart problem isn’t a pleasant experience following other negative health effects. Best Cardiologists like Dr. Satish Mathew not only treat hearts right but creat healthy memories with patients too. A Patient Arvind Krishali who is a resident of Dehradun underwent critical Open Heart Surgery in 2008 by the best Heart Surgeon Dr. Satish Mathew, Sr. CTVS Surgeon at Kailash Hospital. The patient tells that his Bypass Surgery helped him survive a heart attack. He tells that since then he has been following up with Dr. Satish visiting the hospital whenever required, or consults his doctor on call for almost everything from medicines to healthcare when he is unable to travel to Noida. He gladly expresses his gratitude towards his heart doctor for saving his life & every needful medical advice he get to manage his heart stay healthy. He recommends the hospital to others for the Best Heart Treatments.

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