Miraculous recovery of Patient from Severe Chest Infection | Kailash Hospital sector 27 Noida

Young boy Shivam Bhardwaj was rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida from Aligarh by his father in a very critical condition after being denied from other hospitals in their home city. With all lost hope, his family rushed the patient on oxygen support into the Kailash hospital emergency where he was immediately admitted in the ICU and put on ventilator support. After close diagnosis, Doctors found out that the Patient was suffering from a very severe chest infection and had Acute Respiratory Disorder Syndrome (ARDS). His condition was really hopeless when ICU doctors put in all their efforts day & night. The patient was on continuous ventilator support & even blood component transfusion was done. His family & doctors did not lose hope & kept on treating him positively. With the rigorous dedication of ICU Team and strong willpower patient started recovering miraculously & a young life was saved. His family was extremely happy to take him back home three days before Diwali which was not only their best gift but also a reward for all the Doctors’ hard work involved in treating him. The doctors were glad & his father got emotional thanking everyone in the hospital for saving their son’s life.


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