This Independence Day let’s get Freedom from diseases, start with Exclusive Kailash Health Check-up Package

For us Indians, Independence Day is a day of patriotism and pride. However, many of our societies are narrowed by the conventional and chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, arthritis, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, etc. So, this year when we are celebrating the 75 years of Indian Independence let us take an initiative to get freedom from such diseases and lead a healthier life.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic the majority of Indians had put aside their routine health screenings on hold fearing COVID-19 infection. But as the COVID restrictions started lifting and lives started rolling out on the track to normalcy, they have started coming out of hysteria and have started looking after their health. So, in order to give priority to the health, it can be said ‘a right time’ for you to think out of the box and let your health screened by experts under the most comprehensive health check-up packages offered by Kailash Hospital this Independence Day.

According to the WHO study, India continues to be the home to the communicable and non-communicable diseases while the prevalence of chronic conditions in the country is continuously on spike. There are health reports claiming a sharp increase in hypertension which cautions to be a silent killer among the people in younger age. In addition, almost one out of four Indian families has been found having heart problems that makes the country with highest number of heart attacks in the world.

Kailash Hospital’s Preventive Health Check-Ups:

It has been recognized that the prevention of diseases is possible if identified and screened at an early stage. Preventive measures such as following a healthy lifestyle, healthy diet, exercises, and regular health check-ups help to avoid complications of such diseases and save lives.

Keeping a continuous check on your health status not only helps to assess your overall wellbeing but also detect disease if any or health risks before they strike. While comprehensive health check-up packages of Kailash Hospital allow the patient as well as the care provider to get a thorough analysis of health.

We at Kailash Hospital believe that a step of prevention is worth a world of cure. The preventive health check-up packages of Kailash Hospital provide a holistic approach for prevention of any lifestyle disease. So, don’t compromise with your wellbeing and reach out to the most comprehensive health screening packages and embrace the joy of a healthy life.




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