Kailash Hospital’s Pediatrician saves Yuvraj from Critical Dengue Fever !

Dengue fever is one of the most critical fevers that can bring negative symptoms to anyone. It leads to thrombocytopenia & bleeding from small blood vessels in the nose. Mrs. Chanchal Sharma, 8 years old patient’s mother tells that her son Yuvraj Sharma was suffering nose bleeding & vomiting with fever from four days. She rushed him to Kailash Hospital emergency where they consulted Dr. Ruchira Gupta, Sr. Pediatrician who immediately admitted Yuvraj to the ICU. Patient was diagnosed with Dengue Fever & acute thrombocytopenia. She appreciates the prompt care of the Doctor& compassionate treatment towards patient. Her son was closely observed & treated under careful supervision of Dr. Ruchira which helped him recover well. Mrs. Chanchal heartedly thanks the Doctor & medical staff for treating her critically sick son. Kailash Hospital holds a prime name as the best hospital in Delhi NCR for lifesaving treatment of Dengue Fever.

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