Head Injury Awareness: Signs & Management | Kailash Hospital Sector- 27 Noida

Head injuries are a common cause of disability and death. Most of the traffic deaths happening in the world are due to Head Injury and Brain Hemorrhage. Brain is the most delicate part of the body & needs a lot of safety to prevent injuries. Dr. Varun Bhargava Sr. Neurosurgeon at Kailash Hospital Sector- 27 Noida explains that following the road safety rules is wiser decision than not using a helmet in style. It prevents head injury to the maximum. Any type of Injury to the head is a medical emergency that needs immediate attention. He advises that if a head injured person is reached at the hospital in first 40 mins, the chances of survival increases. Stroke, paralysis, unconsciousness or numbness indicates traumatic brain injury, which can wisely be managed through immediate medical help. A head injury affecting the brain can effectively be treated by Neurosurgeons if reached in time & million lives can be saved.

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