Gynaecological Health Awareness is Important | International Gynaecological Health Awareness Day

Gynaecological Health is an important concern for women. On the occasion of International Gynaecological Health Awareness, Dr. Neelam Benara, Sr. Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Sec-71 Noida shares important health factors that women generally ignore, forgetting about future complications. She advises women to take utmost care about their gynaecological health, personal hygiene & diet to prevent gynaecological diseases, Cervical & Breast Cancers, Ovarian Cysts, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), etc. Regular screening, Proper diet, utmost hygiene, healthy weight & active lifestyle are vital tips to maintain good gynaecological health.

If you’re experiencing any signs of gynaecological health problems, consult your Gynaecologists immediately for treatment.

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