Fetal Medicine & Its Importance During Pregnancy | Fetal Medicine

Fetal Medicine in Noida


Pregnancy is a miracle of nature and both the mother and baby deserve to get the best care .The sooner in pregnancy good care starts better are the chances of having healthy mother and baby. Fetal medicine is specialised part of obstetrics and gynecology that is dedicated to managing unborn baby ( fetus) prior to and during pregnancy and monitoring high risk pregnancies through fetal screening and ultrasounds.

Dr Shruti Jain Consultant Fetal Medicine and Medical Genetics elaborates about Fetal Medicine & the importance and right time to get ultrasounds in pregnancy so as to ensure fetal well being and diagnose deformities timely to provide best outcome both of mother and baby.

Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute (KHNI) has full time functioning Fetal Medicine Department with most advanced technology for fetal screening , ultrasounds and procedures.

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