Edentulism: Complications & Management | Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida

Edentulism is very common dental problem in people with poor dental hygiene & tobacco use. It is basically the condition of toothlessness before age which can adversely affect our diet, smile & overall personality. Dr. Anshul Singhal, Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon at Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida explains how many people experience the problem of edentulism before their age and face other related issue. He also elaborates about the limitation of using removable denture that move while eating & talking making it uncomfortable for daily use. So he advices patients with edentulism to get Dental implants which are a perfect solution. Dental problems can lead to other health complications like heart & lung disease etc so early diagnosis & management is important.

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