CT & Ultrasound-guided Interventional procedures | Kailash Hospital Sec-27 Noida

Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions guided by CT & Ultrasound are among the most common interventional radiology procedures performed at Kailash Hospital, Sec 27 Noida. Consultant Radiologist Dr. Manoj Kr. Sharma explains about FNACs & Biopsies done through CT & Ultrasound-Guided Procedures. He tells about the common diagnostic CT-guided interventions including tissue biopsies, fluid aspirations, and catheter drainages from the liver, breast, lungs & abdomen. Needle biopsies are used to obtain tissue for cytologic or histologic assessment from almost any anatomical region of the body. These procedures are done effectively with the Anaesthesia team for high-risk patients. Kailash Hospital has the most advanced technology for all radiological investigations. For all radiological investigations & procedures, contact the Radiological Department.

To know more about CT & Ultrasound-guided interventional procedures available at Kailash Hospital Click: https://bit.ly/33Uf9LL

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