Complicated Pregnancy managed safely by Dr. Uma Sharma Sr. Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital Noida

Expecting your newborn is certainly great news for every parent & support of a Gynaecologist is definitely vital for the journey. Patient Srishti & her husband has been regularly consulting Dr. Uma Sharma, Sr. Obst & Gynaecologist at Kailash Hospital, Noida for her Pregnancy. Patient Srishti tells that her pregnancy showed some complications, but Dr. Uma kept assuring to take care of her pregnancy. Patient was tensed as she did not have labour pains yet on the date of her delivery she was admitted for normal delivery & she was assisted & motivated to swing through the pains by not only the doctors but also the nursing staff. She explains that her Gynae Dr. Uma managed her pregnancy complications with expertise & the same day she delivered a beautiful baby with almost no discomfort. The parents are so happy & patient Srishti heartedly thanks the Doctor & nursing staff for managing all her complications so smoothly to get her baby delivered safe.

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