Complex Microvascular Surgery helps Reconstruction of Subtotal Amputated Hand | Kailash Hospital

5yr old Rishav was rushed to Kailash Hospital, Sec-27 Noida by his father in vulnerable condition with badly injured pensile hand. During consultation it was found that Rishav’s hand accidently cut-off after it slipped into a fodder-chopper machine. In a vulnerable state, he was rushed to Kailash Hospital Greater Noida, who thereafter referred to Sec-27 Noida. There, the patient was immediately admitted and taken to the Operation Theatre where his hand was surgically treated through Microvascular Reconstructive Surgery by Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Consultant Plastic Surgeon. A team of doctors led by Dr. Mukesh Kumar including orthopaedic specialists performed a complicated but successful 3-4 hour-long surgery. Dr. Sushil Sharma who is a Sr. Consultant, Orthopaedics carried-out K-wire fixation. Apart from the surgical treatment, Rishav was provided a continuous monitoring. As when the patient’s hand was reconstructed, patient’s father and attendant Kishan Sharma thanks Dr. Mukesh Kumar & Dr. Sushil Sharma and all other operating doctors for their constant and effective care.

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