Circuit Training : An exercise for your strength & weight loss together

Circuit Training An exercise for your strength & weight loss together

Thinking of achieving strong fit body in your rush routine? It is not at all a dream. For those who want to build lean muscles, cut fat & break boredom of gym have got something catchy. Fitness industry has made it possible altogether with time saving Circuit training. Sounds great!

So let’s know what exactly circuit training involves. It follows the theory of one exercise per body part in a flow without stopping. Circuit training one of the most demanding workout programs of the new fitness trend. If you are finding hard to have a combination of exercises, circuit training is the best solution. It is a combination of strength training & cardio resulting in effective weight loss, strength to the whole body. It combines 6-8 exercises to be performed a duration of 30-60 seconds, involving separate body sections. This is all done with 10 sec rest between exercises, thus it is best for losing weight while saving time.

This time saving effective circuit training does this fat burning magic with maintaining your pulse rate, to improve muscle ability & let you sweat to burn all your fat faster. The breaks can sometimes be managed by jogging. This is the best workout circuit program to build muscle & burn fat altogether.

Without using weights you can build muscles & a stronger body, just about lifting your body’s weight. It boosts your stamina & endurance.

Advantages of Circuit Training

Aerobic Conditioning

Circuit training conditions body like aerobics by addressing different muscle groups, without halting progress & an elevated heart rate is achieved.

Improved Endurance

Circuit training puts loads of benefits on your cardiovascular system &participating muscles, resulting in improved performance capability.

Increased Muscle Mass

Circuit training helps in conditioning &building new muscle groups. Maintaining muscle mass helps regulates the metabolism while reducing the risk of osteoporosis & weight gain.

Increased Calorie Burn

A 60-minute session of challenging intensity circuit training will burn over 600 calories.

Boosted Metabolism

Building of new muscle tissue naturally burns more calories at rest, helping to keep metabolism level elevated.

Save Time and See Results

Circuit training gives efficient results in short time. This is because circuit training can incorporates different execises, allowing daily workouts.


Circuit Training An exercise for your strength & weight loss together

Each exercise in this total body circuit should be performed for 45 to 60 seconds, with no more than 30 seconds of rest in between each exercise. Perform two to three complete circuits before cooling down and stretching. ——Lateral Goblet Lunge — Dumbbell Curtsy Lunge—Goblet Plie Squat—Weighted Bridge—Single Leg Dead Lift—Heavy Laying Abduction

Enjoy Fitness

Circuit training makes exercising challenging & interesting. Changing the starting point sequence in a circuit keeps workouts fresh and invigorating.
Knowing so much about the advantages of circuit training now, you may want to get a circuit training consultation from our experienced trainers at Kailash Health Village Noida. We’ll help you have an amazing experience while coaching you through a customized exercise routine that considers you abilities, time constraints & goals.

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