Advanced Neurosurgical removal of 10cm large Brain Tumor | Kailash Hospital Sector 27 Noida

Patient Brijesh Kumar Singh had been suffering with headache most frequently which he mostly used to manage through OTC medicines. While one day he had to be rushed to Kailash Hospital Sector- 27 Noida due to intolerable pain in his head. He was admitted under Sr. Neurosurgeon Dr. Varun Bhargava’s supervision. Through MRI scan it was found that patient had a Meningioma tumor of 10 cm in length, 8 cm in breadth and 2 cm in thickness. The family was got scared knowing their patient having a large tumor. Finally Dr. Varun explain the entire procedure & assured of safe recovery. The neurosurgery was carried out and the tumor was removed successfully. This made the entire family happy & they were really satisfied. Patient’s father Mr. Srijan Singh expressed his satisfaction over the successful neurosurgery & thanked the doctors and appreciated their efforts in Brijesh’s early recovery. Nowadays, the advanced technologies used in the Neurosurgical treatments have made neurosurgical removal of any sized tumor easy & safe.

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